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Bespoke Masterclass

3 Hr personal Master Class

Course Description

Custom designed 3 Hr Master Classes that are planned to turn any amateur makeup artist into a professional. Whether you want to perfect your cut crease or learn about basic contouring, it’s all-possible through practical demonstrations and one-on-one attention on each student’s work. Practice by replicating the look on yourself once its taught.

Who is this course meant for ?

Essentially designed for anyone who wants to learn basic make-up on themselves or maybe want to refresh your current makeup skill sets – this course is ideal since it will teach you techniques and tricks keeping in sync with the current trends and of course your specific requirements. These Master Classes will help develop any professional with skills and techniques to Master the Perfect Smokey Eye, or Cut Crease or Contouring and more…

How and what will you learn with?

Classes are taught through practical demonstrations and one-on-one attention on each student’s work. Once the skill has been taught, every student will need to create and replicate the look on themselves. The focus is on developing every student’s practical skill set.

During learning and classroom sessions, a comprehensive range of products shall be available for use from the ColorBar Cosmetic portfolio as well as well as Kryolan. The ColorBar Academy shall provide all make up products during the tenure of all Master Classes.

This Class does not provide any Makeup products or Tools for personal consumption.

Master Classes - Topics

  • Finding Your Foundation and the Full Routine – MC 1
  • Concealing and Correcting – MC 2
  • Contouring and Correcting – MC 3
  • Day Makeup Look – MC 4
  • Basic Smokey Eye – MC 5
  • Cut Crease and Eye Applications & Techniques – MC 6
  • Day or Party Makeup Look – MC 7

Course Specification

Course Duration

3 Hr Workshop

Days: Weekend Workshops | Saturday and Sunday


Slot 1: 10:30 AM – 01:30 PM
Slot 2: 02:30 PM 05:30 PM

Batch Size

10 Students per Batch


This is a Non Certification Master Class

Makeup Kit

None Provided


INR 1,500/- Per Class

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