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Brush your worries away! The widest range of makeup brushes, now available at Colorbar online. Ranging from the best of the blush brush to the most basic but perfect foundation brush, you can find some of the best makeup brushes online India on Colorbar. Use our picture perfect foundation brush to apply your foundation flawlessly and reach corners that your fingers cannot. This face brush includes cuts that are designed to fit even the smallest areas of your face and provide a finish so perfect that it feels like skin. Simply dot cream or liquid foundation all over your face and using this brush start blending from the center of your face. Once done, clean the brush by washing it with a mild shampoo and cold water and leave to air dry. Set that perfectly blended foundation with our First Impressions Powder Brush, which provides a smooth, even and soft finish to your skin. Simply stroke the brush in powder, tap off the excess and using circular movements swipe over the face. Looking glamorous was never this easy! Another brush for that perfect powder application is the Crazy Blending Kabuki Brush. Not just used for powder, this brush can also be used to apply your favorite bronzer, highlighter or brush on the face. Extra soft and dense, the dome shaped brush is perfect for a complete coverage and leaves your skin with an airbrushed finish that is camera ready. We also have a range of oval face brushes available if you are looking for a more defined look. The brushes can be used to apply and blend foundation, blush, moisturizers, serums, sunscreen, and with small oval brushes you can easily blend concealer, contour, powder, highlighter, eyeshadow and eye cream. Buy some of the best makeup brushes online at Colorbar India.
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