Cb Affiliate Terms & Conditions


CB Affiliate Terms & Conditions

  1. Orders through social media are imperative- It is important to have orders placed from social media which means you put your affiliate link either on your stories or in your Instagram/Facebook bio
  2. All posts have to be public- Your Instagram and Facebook accounts need to be public. Also, you will have to use these hashtags #CBAffiliate #LoveColorbar on all your posts.
  3. No buying from other Affiliate links- You are not allowed to place an order using someone else’s affiliate link
  4. Affiliate links on sponsored videos-If doing videos with or you are a part of other influencers/bloggers/affiliates with whom we tie-up, you cannot use any of your affiliate links on such content. It will be flagged and you will not get any revenue for the same.
  5. Account termination- If your account has been inactive for 2 months, your account will be terminated and you will be taken off our Colorbar Affiliate Program
  6. Payment Terms and Conditions- You will have to follow all the terms and conditions that we have.
  7. Colorbar owns the right to terminate or cancel any affiliate id If we find it's being misused.
  8. Colorbar employees cannot enroll for this program.
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