The phrase ‘less is more’ is not just syllables; it is a fashion reality all together. Sure, bold and peppy can always accentuate a style statement! But Nude and sobriety is an art of fashion statement. There are no better shades then nudes when it comes to easy maintenance and natural touch to the face. While Nude colors mostly were understood in terms of lipsticks, now the makeup artists are ruling over the lookbooks by a head to chin naked look.

No matter what the occasion is, a little play around with the eyeshadows and blushes can really bring out the best looks for the season. No doubt that the nude shades accentuate the eyes and can make your lips look fleshy for a dewy, natural look.

Nude makeup differs from no-makeup makeup by indulging into multiple shade finishes in the same neutral family to add dimension to your face.

There's no need to limit yourself to a monochromatic makeup look, however, feel free to mix COLOBAR lipstick with a daring eye or a naked eye look with a valiant lip. The idea isn't to look like you're wearing nothing, but rather nude, tonal makeup. Look for pale beige colors for lighter skin tones and tans and browns for darker skin tones. The key is to find a color family that pairs well with your skin.

Here are 3 tips on how to rock Nude lip colors with an overall Nude look:

Tip 1: Perfect your base

Start with a radiance boosting primer that reflects light-weight, deflecting the attention from something you wish to disguise. If your skin tone is uneven then pick a medium coverage Colorbar foundation like the Colorbar Timeless filling and lifting foundation in the shade of sweet shell. Use two concealers, one to embellish the below eye space and an opaque concealer to hide blemishes. Apply your concealer with a fragile brush.

Tip 2: Perfect your pout

It’s all about color density with the nude lip trend. The first step is to use foundation to prep your lips followed by translucent powder. Opt for a nude lipstick that will eliminate red-brown undertones but which is dense in a formula like the Nude Lipstick Shades.


Use a lip liner that’s almost the same flesh-colored and lined to build up your lip line naturally. Enhance the shape by taking the line from the highest point of the Cupid’s bow down to the corner of the lips.

Tip 3: Build a corner

A gentle ‘nude smoky eye’ introduces more shades. Use lighter tones on the inner areas around your eyes like the tear ducts to make them appear larger. Go for a cream shade in a shimmery gold or silver. Then add definition by smudging with a darker color and run it along the lash lines.

Blend, blend, blend! The layers well so that they don’t look stripey and finish off with voluminous mascara. So there you have it, the perfect nude look that you can easily re-create at home.