Makeup brushes are Picasso’s tool-kit for every woman who wants to do it right when it comes to makeup. It is the minute touch-ups, detailed and clean strokes which can make your makeup look flawless and without which your makeup can look flaky and unnatural. Even though makeup brushes play an important role in your makeup routine, they can get a little tricky to decode. There is an avid confusion about which brush is to be used where and how.

So here is a little guide for your brush sets, to help you get familiar with the handling of brushes so that they provide you with a better experience and results:

1. Eyelluring eye-shadow brush

When applying eyeshadow, make sure the eyeshadow brush has soft bristles for a smooth application. The COLORBAR eyeshadow brush is perfect to blend liquid, cream, and powder eyeshadows on your eyelids. Its small and rounded tip provides a precise blend along the contours of your lids, and its non-porous, synthetic fibres apply products with minimal fall on the under-eye area.

2. The Emphaseyes eye blending brush

Your eye makeup is never right until the shades are blended well with a blending brush. COLORBAR eye blending brush’s domed tip mimics the shape of your fingers to seamlessly diffuse any lines and creases in your eye makeup. Use this powder brush as the last step of your eye makeup routine for a truly flawless finish.


This is an ultra-fine eyeliner brush with a uniquely angled tip that provides a more precise than ever liner application. Applying eyeliner makeup is tricky for every woman and they know that! This angled eyeliner brush helps to apply cream eyeliner easily without smudging on the rest of the lids. Cat-eye eyeliner or winged eyeliner; now you can go for any!


Your lips have that extra-appeal. They need to look sensuous and kissable at all times. Using a lip colour without a lip brush, results in chapped and cracked looking lips. The COLORBAR Lip brush’s small and sculpted tip allows you to precisely line your lips, and its flat head lets you fill your lips with full and flawless coverage.