A new look for every new ‘you’

It’s 2021 and manifesting society’s/other people’s notions of how you should look and be is passé. This year onwards, just be who you want to be, look the way you want to look, unveil the unapologetic fearless you and don’t be afraid of experimenting with different looks. As you discover new facets and versions of you, Colorbar is here to make the journey more fun!

Colorbar has recently launched its Be Who You Want To Be campaign, a celebration of the 6 eternal looks that express the power-packed, unforgettable moods of a woman – Dream Girl, The Ultimate Diva, The Retro Chic, The Head-Turner, Go-Getter and The Morning Muse. So darling, are you ready for a fun transformation?

1. Dream Girl

Your eyes carry starry dreams and shutter with hope, you are the girl everyone dreams about, so why not make sure you look like one?

To perfect this look, you’d need Colorbar Flawless Air Brush Finish Loose Powder, Colorbar Flawless Touch Contour and Highlighter, Stunning Brow Pencil, Hook Me Up Eye Shadow Palette, Just Smoky Kajal in Just Marsala, Starry Flip Lipcolor in Drama Queen.

This is a kit made of what sweet dreams are made of. Colorbar combined the best products to make your dreamy side shine with long-lasting formulas and pigments which are here to stay. Dream on, girl!

2. The Ultimate Diva

You’re the life of the party. And this look says it out loud. Glamorous to gorgeous, dramatic to dewy; here’s what you need to bring out the DIVA in you - Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion in Gold, Cheekillusion Blush in Pink Pinch, Wow Brow Pencil in Arched Grey, Party All Nite Palette, 30 Days Growth Booster Mascara, Kissproof Lipstick in My Maroon.

3. The Retro Chic

Are you a fan of all things retro, vintage and evergreen?

Embrace the retro chic within you with our Retro Chic kit - A kit which has the modern hues to give you the glow, flush and soft look from the gold old days.

It consists of Sheer Touch Mattifying Loose Powder, Cheekillusion Blush in Everything’s Rosy, Perfect selfie highlighter in Peachy Rose, All-Rounder Pencil in Pitch Black Zoom and Whoosh Mascara, Kissproof Lipstick in Oh! Tempt me.

4. The Head Turner

If your presence is impossible to ignore, then you need a look that says that too.

Get set to turn heads with The Head-Turner kit consisting of Perfect Selfie Primer Oil, Shimmer Bar Pro in Rose Glow, Infinite 24 Hrs Eyeliner in Infinite Zoom and Whoosh Mascara, Definer Lip Liner Born To Glow in OOMPH.

Get ready to leave a red carpet behind whenever and wherever you walk!

5. Go Getter

You mean business. And it’s your way or highway.

Your gestures across the boardroom, and your expressions at a rooftop café; all speak the same language. The language of no compromise.

If that sounds like you, then you girl, are a go-getter and you deserve a look that matches your never-say-never attitude.

To nail the Go-Getter look, you’d need Colorbar’s Perfect Primer Match, Cheekillusion Blush in Earthy Touch, Browful Shaping and Defining Kit, It’s A Scandal Kajal in Pool Side, Zoom and Whoosh Mascara, Matte Me As I Am Lipcolor in Stunt.

6. Morning Muse

It’s time to be your own Morning Muse! Best mornings start with a pop of color, burst of nourishment and glow. To make sure your days start with an extra dose of love and glam, we curated a special kit for you. Look radiant and refreshing like the first ray of sunshine with Colorbar’s Luminous Rose Boosting Oil which is the best oil for glowing skin, Spotlight Illuminating Lotion, Nail Lacquer in Maiden Pink, Nail Lacquer in PS I Love You, Sun Genius Top Coat, Oh So Happy Lippy.

And as you step into the day, the crowd will awe in admiration, the sun will shine brighter, and your steps will rewrite the rules of every glam book out there.

You can watch a step-by-step video for each of the above looks on

So what are you waiting for? Choose your new look, pick your shades, add some drama and step out. The world is waiting for you! It’s time to be who you want to be!