Lip Balm - Boost Your Happiness With Oh So Happy Lippy

Your lips speak for the way you feel within. You pout, smile or frown – they just cover up for the words that you don’t say and it wouldn’t be true if we say they don’t need care!

With all the love for those lips, we’re giving you new reasons to be happier than ever! Colorbar presents the natural boost to your lip care and happiness.

Yes, you read that right. Our Oh So Happy Lippy is a revolutionary mix of nature and science packed with magical ingredients that produce Serotonin – the happy chemical that contributes to the wellbeing and happiness in the body. Colorbar lip balm cares for your delicate tulips like no other!

So, let’s say hello to Colorbar three lip balm shades of sheer bliss:

A. JOY: “A thing of beauty, is a JOY forever!” – John Keats truly knew what our thought of happiness would look like! Here’s presenting Colorbar first transparent lip balm shade of ultimate bliss. It’s for all those who believe in spending a carefree life with an eclectic spirit. Feel the dynamic energy of pleasure all around you with JOY.

B. GLEE: If you’ve all the time to go simple and relaxed, you’re looking for GLEE! Bring out all that romanticism and emotions through those beautiful pair of rosy lips with this pink shade lippy on them!

C. CHEER: Cheer all you desire, with those lips on fire! This shade of our Oh So Happy Lippy Lip Balm is for all those who cultivate life with a deep sense of optimism, determination and a zeal to get a hold on their own happiness. So open up and show your soul to the world through that red and puckered pout with CHEER on them!

With these three reasons, we have one more that would just make you sail on cloud 9! Last but not the least, our Oh So Happy Lip Balm is unisexual lip balm in nature – because everyone deserves to be happy and every pair of lips look the best when they wear their smile on!

So, why wait? Shop all three shades of lip balm from Colorbar’s lip care range and boost the happiness within, for these are available on our website and in every Colorbar store near you!