Morning Muse: Glow Up To A Refreshing New You!

You don’t need to look further than the mirror for inspiration! We spill the tea on all-new looks that are a must-have for the woman who likes to own her style.

Be Your Morning Muse

We’ve curated 6 iconic looks for you with our brand-new “Be Who You Want To Be” campaign. Each look celebrates what it is to be fabulous and female!  With this range of kits, you get to pick your style based on your mood. So out with the clichéd and in with the new!

Are you ready to channel a refreshing new vibe? The Morning Muse kit lets you put your personal stamp on the world.

Be that burst of sunshine with your radiant glow. The muse’s colors are inspired by flowers in bloom -  gorgeous and dreamy, just like you.

The Morning Muse is for the woman who likes to take charge of her life and owns her choices. You’re inspiring and here to make your mark. The soft nature-inspired palette is a great way to highlight your feminine charm.

What’s In The Kit?

The Morning Muse kit is a handy collection of some of our favorites that’ll help you nail that fresh dewy look.

1. Spotlight Illuminating Lotion - We know how much you love the spotlight! The best lotion for glowing skin, its light-reflecting pigments fade away dark spots and fine lines for an even skin tone and long-lasting glow. 

2. Nail Lacquer in Maiden Pink - It’ll be hard to ignore your stunning nails in this perfectly pink hue. 

3. Colorbar Cellular Dry Oil - The best essential oil for glowing skin, formulated in Korea, it leaves your skin luminous and deeply nourished. Your skin will love the restorative effect and youthful radiance from this lightweight essential oil that boosts face glow.  

4. Born to Glow ( PH) - shade 1 - Amp up the glam with this luxurious floral pink lip color to lend a luminous finish to your pout.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you should be - just be your own muse. With the Morning Muse kit, you’re set to inspire and be inspired!