Give your Skin a Break: A Guide to Skin Cycling for your Specific Skin Concern

Ever heard of break days for skin? Well, that’s exactly what Skin cycling, the newest trend in the skincare world, is all about. Before we get into how you can ‘skin cycle’ for your specific skin concern, a little context on what just went down.

What is Skin Cycling? How Did it Get Viral?

It all started on Tik Tok when the dermatologist Whitney Bowe declared that your skin also needs recovery days. Generally, we slather exfoliants and multiple actives (concentrated ingredients with stronger impact) at once in our CTTM routine, which may lead to inflammation, irritation, or skin barrier damage. Skin Cycling, on the other hand, is a simplified four-night skincare routine that allows you to cycle through actives and exfoliants.

To put it simply, some days are reserved for intense active ingredients and exfoliants, whereas the other days are just for skin recovery. Based on the less-is-more approach, skin cycling allows you to include actives in a strategic way while waiving the risk of skin irritation.

Does the Skin Cycling Trend Make any Sense?

You may be wondering if skin cycling is yet another social media trend that will wane eventually. Well, there’s definitely something to this skincare practice. In fact, it is a traditional dermatological practice that has been recommended to people for years. Why is it beneficial, though?

It’s because it prevents you from over-exfoliating and overusing actives - two dangerous practices for your skin. Plus, it allows you to include effective skincare actives, including retinoids, Vitamin C, and Salicylic acid in your routine while keeping irritation at bay. The outcome of this skincare practice is brightened, hydrated, and smooth skin.

Moreover, for the ones with sensitive skin who were on the verge of giving up on skincare altogether, skin cycling is the miracle you have always prayed for.

Now let’s understand how you can perform the ‘skin cycling’ routine for your specific skin concern.

How to ‘Skin Cycle’ as per your Skin Concern?

Let’s break down the basics before getting into products. The four-night skincare routine is broken down into the following days: 

Day 1 - Scrubbing for Starters

The first day requires you to use exfoliants. However, it’s recommended to exfoliate just once a week so that you can remove dead skin cells while not hurting your skin. It will also allow better absorption of other skincare ingredients, ensuring that your skin gets the maximum nourishment.

Gently rub Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Face Scrub on your face and neck and wash off with water. It has cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil, pomegranate extracts, and hyaluronic acid that leave your skin glowing and soft. Follow it up with a moisturizer.

Day 2 - Get active with Actives

After cleansing our face, we jump right into actives while chucking away exfoliation on the second day. Simply because of the reason that exfoliants and actives are not a match made in heaven. Here, we show you how you can include actives in your skincare routine for your specific skin concerns:

Fine lines and wrinkles - If you are over the age of 25 and planning to take the preventive aging route or target existing signs of aging, you can include retinoids on the second day of the skin-cycling routine. Use a pea-sized amount of our Anti-aging Serum and pat gently on your skin. It is an effective blend of components that are rich in antioxidants, like retinol and hyaluronic acid, which increase collagen production and revitalize your skin.

Dark spots - If you are struggling with dark spots, you can include niacinamide in your routine with the help of our Dark Spot & Pigmentation Serum. The blend of Alpha arbutin, Kakadu Plum, and Niacinamide helps combat excessive pigmentation, revitalize lackluster skin, and enhance the skin's glow and brightness.

Acne and breakouts - If your skin is prone to acne, include salicylic acid on the second day. The Anti-acne & Breakout Serum focuses on eliminating dirt and grime from your pores to prevent breakouts. The serum contains Salicylic Acid, which controls sebum production and effectively removes blackheads that are difficult to get rid of.

Complete the routine by applying a hydrating moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type.

Day 3 and 4 - Rest Days with Intense Hydration

The third and fourth days in the skin cycling routine are devoted to skin recovery and repair. These days will be focused on just providing hydration to the skin while keeping intense actives at bay. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid should ideally be included on these days owing to its extremely nourishing nature that retains moisture levels in the skin. Go in with our Pro Hydration Booster Serum first to provide both extensive and enduring moisturization to achieve skin that is pliant, smooth, and in good health. Follow it up with a moisturizer like our Miracle Glow Cream.

This completes the four-night cycle. Repeat this cycle to achieve regularity with this skincare routine. Within the next few months, you should expect to see much brighter and clearer skin with reduced dark spots, wrinkles, and breakouts. However, keep the following points in mind as you start with your skin cycling journey.

Extra Tips to Elevate your Skin Cycling Routine

Maintaining a consistent morning skincare routine involving cleansing, toning, treatment, and moisturizing is equally important. You can use the Vita Hemp Milk Serum in the morning and follow it up with a moisturizer.

Literally, all your efforts will go down the drain if you don’t protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. So don’t ever miss out on applying your SPF.

You are allowed to increase the days for using actives. For that, you have to chuck out one day of the recovery stage.

Wrapping up:

This new skincare trend will change the relationship you have with your skin and help you discover a new glow. Pave your way to magical skin with skin cycling.