The Art of Applying Matte Lipstick

The world is made of two kinds of people; one who spend their days with remnants of matte lipstick on their dried up lips and the other kind that has aced the art of applying matte lipsticks.

In all honesty, we need more of the latter kind so let’s start.

Contrary to what all the beauty blogs might tell you, smooth sculpted matte lips are not something only those OG Instagram influencers can achieve. All you need to know is this secret three-step recipe.

Exfoliate. Moisturize. Apply.


Da Vinci didn’t paint his Mona Lisa on a rough, uneven canvas. Similarly, you need to ensure that you have a smooth canvas for your matte-masterpiece.

Please do not put your lips through the classic “Toothbrush Torture”. The delicate skin of your lips needs something gentle, like a cotton pad dipped in warm water.

If you are in the mood for some DIY then, mix a teaspoon of brown sugar with a drop of olive oil and voila, you have your own lip scrub.


Now that you have an even canvas, next step is to ensure that it stays even for longer than a minute, hence moisturization.

Apply a thin layer of lip balm and you’re good to go.

But wait, do you want your lipstick to stay all day long?

If you’re the one nodding your head in yes then, scrape some lip balm and mix it with a tiny bit of foundation primer. Apply it on your lips and blot with a tissue.

This step will ensure your lipstick stays show all day long.


Now comes the final step of applying, right?


As much as we love to go crazy and all out, sometimes staying in the lines is the wise decision.

Just take a liner complementing your lip shade and line your lips. Don’t stop at your pout, Line it halfway into your lips as well. This step will ensure that your matte lipstick blends effortlessly with the liner.

Here comes the step that you have been waiting for.

Go, apply your favorite matte lipstick and bewitch everyone with that bold pout.

After all, matte isn’t just a trend; it’s an attitude that speaks loud and bold.

Now that you have the recipe, it only makes sense to fill your armour with the perfect weapon.

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