The Ultimate Diva: It’s Your World, So Go out and Slay!

Some people are born to rule. Whether it is at a party or a client pitch at work, you’re in control. The red carpet is rolled out for you because you own that vibe queen! No one does fierce better than the Ultimate Diva.

You mean business. A diva doesn’t let anyone mess with her. You’re bold, fiery, and always fabulous. And now there's a makeup essentials kit that can keep up with your life.

The Ultimate Diva

We’ve got something special lined up for you with our "Be Who You Want To Be" campaign. Six iconic looks for women who want to show the world their unique brand of style. So you can strut into each day with a look that’s more you than ever before.

The Ultimate Diva has the world wrapped around her little finger. You know what you want and aren’t afraid to take it.

You are no wallflower - when you hit the stage, the world stops to listen. When you let your hair down, no one can resist dancing along. When the diva is around, the party never stops!

Sensual or sexy, dramatic or dewy - be the diva you want to be with The Ultimate Diva makeup kit.

What’s In The Kit?

A diva doesn’t settle for anything but the best. We’ve rounded up some top-notch products tailor-made for a leading lady in our Ultimate Diva makeup essentials kit.

1. Party All Nite Palette: Vibrant, dramatic, and eye-catching, this striking palette is a stunner just like you. Pick from brilliant blues, sunset shades, and smoky grays - these colors are fun, flirty, and fabulous.

2. Stunning Brow Pencil: MINI (Chestnut): Get perfect brows with the smudge-proof, all-day formula of our Stunning Brow Pencil.

3. KissProof Lipstick: The Colorbar KissProof Lipstick is designed to keep a diva looking her best all day and night. The pure matte transfer-proof lipstick in this memorable shade of maroon will have them swooning.

4. Spotlight Illuminating Lotion (Gold): Glow under the gentle touch of our mulberry extract enriched Colorbar Spotlight Illuminating Lotion with light-reflecting pigments. Dark spots, fine lines, and imperfections vanish, making you look like the star that you are!

5. 30 Days Growth Booster Mascara: Give those lashes a boost with the miracle magic of our 30 Days Growth Booster Daily Treatment Mascara. Enriched with lemon extracts and seaweed, it’s designed to nourish and fortify so that your lashes look darker, thicker, and longer than ever!

6. Cheekillusion Blush (Pink Pinch): Get flirty with a flush of velvety pink from this luxurious, luminous blush. Just divalicious!

With the Ultimate Diva kit, you’ll soak up the limelight with the swag that only a true diva has. So here’s to you - shine bright like diamond!