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Clean On-The-Go Makeup & Tools Sanitizing Mist

INR 295.00
93% of 100
  • 120 ml
  • CMTSM120

Keep your makeup and beauty tools germ-free with Clean-On-The-Go Makeup and Beauty Tools Sanitizing Mist. Lightweight and travel friendly pack is easy to carry around for clean makeup and tools whenever and where ever you want. Over a longer usage, oils from your skin and skincare products wind up on the surface of your makeup, leaving bacteria to develop. This spray effectively stops bacteria in its tracks and keeps your makeup clean and rejuvenated. This sanitizing mist cannot recover an already damaged product; however daily use of it on new makeup will eliminate bacteria and keep your products looking clean, fresh and new!

No need to add water.

Dermatologically Tested | 100% Cruelty Free | Vegan I 100% Vegetarian I Non-Irritant Formula

Made In-India

  • A quick drying antibacterial spray that kills surface germs and reduces bacteria growth on beauty tools and products.
  • Fights upto 99.9 % bacteria and germs.
  • Stops bacteria and germs from spreading.
  • Antibacterial that kills surface germs on both powder makeup and cream based products.
  • Can be used on makeup tools as well like brushes, tweezers, foundation sponges etc.
  • A quick drying antibacterial spray that kills surface germs and reduces bacteria growth on makeup products and beauty tools.
  • Travel Friendly.
  • Light weight.
  • Hold the bottle 6 inches / 15cm and directly spray on the product surface.
  • Wait for minimum of 2 minutes before using the product.
  • Recommended to use daily post completing your makeup ritual.

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