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Cash On Delivery Available
10% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW10
Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499
Cash On Delivery Available10% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW10Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

Cash On Delivery Available

10% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW10

Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Body Milk With SPF
Best Seller

SKU: VH014

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The Vita Hemp Body Milk SPF 25 is a superlight formula with low white cast that moisturizes & protects your skin leaving it smooth and supple all day long. Enriched with cold pressed hemp seed oil from Germany which leaves...

MRP : 399

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Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Clay Mask
Best Seller

SKU: VH009

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Vita Hemp Clay Mask is made with Brazilian green clay, actives from Switzerland and USA, Natural Extracts which makes it a rich blend for skin detoxification. The mask helps to purify and deep cleanse the skin by exfoliating dead skin,...

MRP : 699

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Vita Hemp Restoring & Balancing Sleeping Mask
Best Seller

SKU: VH008

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A Cloud cream textured overnight sleeping mask providing a subtle plump & glow to your skin, leaving a soft velvety after feel. This vitamin packed nutrient rich overnight mask is an effective multitasker which works to fight signs of ageing,...

MRP : 699

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Restoring & Balancing Moisturiser
Best Seller

SKU: VH002

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Say hello to the magic of Hemp Seed Moisturizing Light Gel Crème, a multipurpose smooth, light-textured cream, designed to blend into your skin like a dream. With the power of natural actives from Switzerland and Germany, it hydrates your skin...

MRP : 695

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Restoring & Balancing Milk Serum
Best Seller

SKU: VH001

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A lightweight milky face serum designed for quick absorption, it is perfect for all skin types and seasons. Experience the perfect blend of deep nourishing, moisturizing and ageing skin benefits. This serum provides skin repair and leaves it rejuvenated looking...

MRP : 695

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HEMP + VITAMIN C Restoring & Balancing Foaming Face Wash
Best Seller

SKU: VH005

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A gentle foaming face effortlessly reaches deep within the pores with the help of its soft built-in brush to clear out excess oil, remove impurities and dirt without disturbing your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Enriched with natural extracts and actives,...

MRP : 495

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Restoring & Balancing Night Oil
Best Seller

SKU: VH003

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This Hemp Seed Facial Oil is a blessing with an exceptionally lightweight texture. It quickly absorbs into your skin, keeping it non-sticky, ensuring a radiant and natural glow when you wake up. Its lightweight composition makes it the perfect solution...

MRP : 695

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Restoring & Balancing Face Scrub
Best Seller

SKU: VH006

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PRODUCT TYPE: Lotion & Moisturizer

The Hemp Face Scrub is a very gentle, efficient face scrub which exfoliates the dead skin and removes unwanted impurities off the top layer of the skin. It makes sure to keep your skin soft and moisturized. It ensures gentle...

MRP : 495

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Restoring & Balancing Under Eye Serum
Best Seller

SKU: VH007

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PRODUCT TYPE: Under Eye Creme

This lightweight serum is infused with all the goodies to prevent tired eyes, fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots. This eye serum helps rejuvenate, restore and balance the skin around the eye contour making it your go to product. Hemp...

MRP : 495

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Restore, Balance and Hydrate Skin with Colorbar Vita Hemp Skincare Range

<p>A skin that is not restored and balanced suffers from many skin woes including excessive dryness, wrinkles, fine lines,
uneven skin tone, and inflammation. Such a condition stems from using the wrong skincare products, pollution,
environmental factors, hormonal imbalances, or lifestyle problems. Also, increased exposure to the sun has a detrimental
impact on the skin. On the other hand, restored, balanced, and hydrated skin enjoys smooth texture, even skin tone, and
radiant glow.  </p>

<p>To help you combat these skin problems and get the skin of your dreams, Colorbar Cosmetics has introduced yet another
revolutionary range to its <a href="">skincare</a> collection. And guess what? It is based on the trending hero ingredient in skincare
- Hemp. For the first time ever, our Vita Hemp Skincare Collection comes to you to bless your skin with the goodness of
cold-pressed hemp seed oil sourced from Germany. In conjunction with other highly effective skincare ingredients, the
Colorbar Vita Hemp Range hydrates your skin while balancing its natural oils and gives your skin an intense repair
treatment. Additionally, it also protects your skin against the signs of aging. </p>

<p>Let’s give you a glimpse of our Vita Hemp Skincare Range</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Give your skin the best high with Colorbar Vita Hemp Skincare Range </h2>

<p>Let’s talk about the ingredient Hemp and why it is trending so much. The cold-pressed hemp seed oil is considered to be
the most balanced of all natural oils as it harbors the right balance of unsaturated Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
Additionally, it is also enriched with many vitamins and antioxidants that are beneficial for the skin. Colorbar’s
first-ever Vita Hemp Skincare Range amplifies the impact of Hemp by combining it with other effective ingredients like
Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid. The Vita Hemp skincare formula offers many benefits like hydrating and restoring your
skin, stopping it from developing fine lines and wrinkles, and repairing the skin. Furthermore, its lightweight and
non-greasy formula soothes sensitive and irritated skin too. </p>
<p>Enough of talking, let’s get deep into the products and know their benefits. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Know what the Vita Hemp Range has in store for you</h2>

<p>Our range consists of primary skincare products including a Face Cleanser, Face Scrub, Milk Serum, Moisturizer,
Under-eye Cream, and Facial Night Oil. All skin types can use these products. Let’s know the Vita Hemp Skincare products

<p><strong><a href="">Hemp + Vitamin C Restoring & Balancing Foaming Face Wash</a></strong> - Enriched with Hemp seed oil and vitamin C, this foaming face wash thoroughly cleanses your skin while nourishing it with
anti-aging and hydrating properties. It comes with a built-in brush too, which makes it easy for you to drive away
impurities, dirt, and grime from tough-to-reach areas of the skin like pores. The natural actives and ingredients in
this face wash leave your skin soft and smooth. Additionally, pomegranate and mulberry extracts protect your skin with
all their might. The Pentavitin in this formula is a plant-derived ingredient that allows the skin to hold on to
hydration and also makes its natural barrier stronger. Lastly, hyaluronic acid regulates the production of sebum while
also attracting moisture, thus maintaining a sufficient amount of hydration in your skin. This gentle foaming face is
suitable for all skin types as it cleanses your skin thoroughly while helping the skin to retain its natural moisture. </p>

<p><strong><a href="">Restoring & Balancing Face Scrub</a></strong> - Next up in the Vita Hemp skincare range is our gentle face scrub that proper exfoliating treatment to your skin
and removes the pile-up of dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. Apart from scrubbing away impurities, this face
scrub also helps to hydrate, soften, and smoothen the skin. The combination of cold-pressed hemp seed oil, hyaluronic
acid, pomegranate extract,  and Vitamin C allows the skin to maintain its glow and softness. In addition, the formula
which also has aloe vera and mulberry extracts plays a major role in evening out your skin tone and enhancing its
radiance. Again, its formula blesses your skin with anti-aging benefits and ensures prolonged youthfulness. </p>

<p><strong><a href="">Restoring & Balancing Moisturiser</a></strong> - This light gel creme moisturizer taps into the magic of hemp seed oil to provide your skin with intense repair,
hydration, and rejuvenation. With natural actives from Germany and Switzerland, this moisturizer is a lightweight and
smooth cream that soothes your skin while nourishing it with hydrating properties. The duo of hemp seed oil and vitamin
C supports the recovery of the skin by balancing and restoring it. Moreover, olive leaf extracts and rice and papaya
extracts give an extra boost of hydration to your skin and give it a healthy appearance.  This moisturizer also makes
your skin look vibrant and lively due to the pomegranate extracts in the formula. For ensuring that the hydration
reaches the deepest layers of the skin, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E work together in this formulation. It also gives
your skin heightened protection against premature aging.  Additionally, Omega 3, 6, and 9 accelerate the process of skin
recovery. Its natural texture will catch your attention and get you addicted to it. </p>

<p><strong><a href="">Restoring & Balancing Milk Serum</a></strong> - This is not just any other serum. It’s a milk serum that gets effortlessly absorbed into your skin to deeply nourish and
moisturize it. Suitable for all skin types and perfect for all seasons, this milk serum is specialized in repairing your
skin and enlivening it for a youthful and healthier appearance. The German-origin Cold Pressed Hemp Seed  Oil is rich in
fatty acids and Omega 3,6, and 9 to further amplify the process of skin recovery. Most importantly, hemp also helps to
keep premature aging at bay, thus preventing wrinkles and fine lines from appearing on your skin. This serum works well
in conjunction with other skincare products too and plays an instrumental role in controlling sebum levels while also
ensuring sufficient hydration for the skin. While hyaluronic acid and vitamin E supply an extra dosage of hydration to
your skin, vitamin C and pomegranate extract focus on repairing and restoring your skin. Applying this milk serum is a
luxurious experience. </p>

<p><strong><a href="">Restoring & Balancing Night Oil</a></strong> - This lightweight and non-sticky facial night oil ensures a flawless and glowing complexion the next day when you wake
up. This facial oil is perfect for all skin types and seasons. 
It has Hemp Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Retinol, Argan Oil, and Rosehip Oil, thus providing complete nourishment to the skin.
Again, it is enriched with Omega 3, 6, and 9, and therefore, it accelerates and enhances the skin recovery process and
significantly slows down the aging process. The hemp seed oil also calms down your skin, thus keeping your skin relaxed
all night long. With this oil, you get an overnight facial. Furthermore, the oil is non-comedogenic in nature, meaning
that it will not clog your pores. With actives from Germany and France, this oil ensures that it deeply hydrates your
skin and makes it glowy and radiant. It has oil-soluble retinol too which is an anti-aging ingredient and promotes new
cell turnover.</p>

<p><strong><a href="">Restoring & Balancing Under Eye Serum</a></strong> - The lightweight serum prevents tired eyes, dark spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. The benefits of this eye serum include
rejuvenation, restoration, and balancing of the skin around the eye contour. The cold-pressed hemp seed oil along with
Vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid combat the appearance of puffiness around the eyes and make the eye contours look
radiant. The Backuchinol also prevents signs of aging and dark spots from resurfacing around the eye area. Niacinamide
too helps to prevent aging and restore skin that is damaged. Its lightweight texture gets absorbed into your skin
quickly to deeply nourish the skin around the eye area. Hyaluronic acid stimulates blood circulation and prevents dark
circles too. </p>

<p>Now let’s build both daytime and nighttime skincare routines for you with the Vita Hemp Skincare Range. </p>
<h2 class="main-new-seo">Build a daytime skincare routine with Vita Hemp Skincare Range</h2>

<p>Want to make the best use of Hemp before stepping out? Follow the below steps: </p>

<p><strong>⦁ </strong>Use the applicator of the face wash to gently massage a small amount of it onto wet skin. Wash off with lukewarm water.</p> 
<p><strong>⦁ </strong>To use the face scrub, make sure your face and neck are clean and damp before applying the product. Use circular motions
to massage the skin for 1-2 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. </p>
<p><strong>⦁ </strong>Time to apply the serum. Using the pump, squeeze a few drops of milk serum onto your palm. Make sure you apply it gently
and spread it in such a way that the serum reaches every part of the skin excluding the eye area. </p>
<p><strong>⦁ </strong>A small amount of the under-eye serum should be loaded onto the tip of the tube after pressing the tube gently. Directly
from the applicator tip, massage the product onto your eye area.</p>
<p><strong>⦁ </strong>Now to apply the moisturizer, use your fingertips to massage the product onto cleansed and treated skin. 
You can now go ahead with your sunscreen and makeup. But what about the night? Do we follow the same steps? We reveal.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Kickstart your beauty sleep with Vita Hemp Skincare Range</h2>
<p>For a nighttime skincare routine, just follow the aforementioned steps. Follow it up with the facial night oil. Massage
the facial oil gently from your nose to your ears with your fingertips. Next, smooth the oil upward from the eyebrow to
the hairline. Then smooth it from the neck to the jawline.  </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Buy the Vita Hemp Skincare Range online at Colorbar Cosmetics </h2>

<p>Give your skin the right kind of high with our Vita Hemp Range. Don’t shy away from jumping onto the hemp bandwagon
because it is truly a miracle ingredient for your skin. Add all the Hemp heroes to your cart as you shop for Vita Hemp
Skincare Range online and take your skincare routine to a ‘higher’ level.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">FAQ's</h2> 

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Q. 1 Why should I use the Colorbar Vita Hemp Skincare Range?​</h2>

<p>The Vita Hemp Skincare range is based on the trending ingredient - hemp seed oil, which extensively hydrates your skin
without clogging your pores. It is abundant with natural ingredients that offer intensive care and nourishment to your
skin. Therefore, the Vita Hemp Skincare Range is abundant with hydrating and anti-aging benefits, and you get to enjoy
hydrated, youthful, and clear skin after using it. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Q 2. Which skin product of Colorbar can I pair this range with?​</h2>
<p>The Vita Hemp Range can be paired with the Colorbar Timeless Lift Pore Minimizing Mist. The latter allows you to tone
your skin and amplify the existing Hemp skincare routine by minimizing open pores. And if you are stepping out, pair
your skincare regime with some amazing fragrances from Colorbar Cosmetics to not only feel good but also smell good. </p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Q.3 Is the Colorbar Vita Hemp Range good for all skin types? </h2>

<p>Ans. Yes, the Vita Hemp Range is good for all skin types, including dry and oily skin types. It is especially calming
and relaxing for sensitive skin. The range is abundant with hydrating properties that deeply repair, hydrate, and
nourish all skin types. </p>