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Cash On Delivery Available10% Off For New Users | Use Code: CBNEW10Free Shipping On Orders Above INR 499

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Pro Oval Eye Brush
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The Pro Oval Eye Brush flawlessly blends your under-eye concealer for an airbrushed effect. The brush contains a thousand bristles densely packed in a small, oval head that blends liquids, creams, and powders on your skin to prevent your products...

MRP : ₹750

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Pro Powder Brush
Best Seller


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A round brush with natural goat hair bristles ideal for applying powder products. The densely packed natural fibers dust just the right amount of powder on the skin, leaving you with a flawless airbrushed effect. Ideal for frequent use by...

MRP : ₹1,950

Hurry! Only 8 remaining in stock!

From amateur to pro: Elevate your makeup looks with makeup brushes

<p>The key to creating straight-out-of-magazine-looks is using makeup brushes. While fingers do play a significant role in applying and blending makeup products, the final finish that makeup brushes give is smooth, flawless, and professional.
Makeup brushes allow you to apply and blend makeup products like foundation, setting powders, and eyeshadows in a better way. Good quality makeup brushes have soft and fluffy bristles that feel soft on your skin and do not irritate your skin. Such bristles also enable better application of makeup products.</p>

<p>Colorbar Makeup brush range is extensive as it offers a variety of brushes for face, eye, and lip makeup. Effortlessly combining style and function, Colorbar Makeup brushes are highly usable tools packed in colorful and peppy packaging.</p>

<p>Let’s know the different types of makeup brushes offered by Colorbar Cosmetics.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Colorbar Makeup Brushes to create an entire makeup look</h2>

<p>At Colorbar Cosmetics, you get makeup brushes for face, eyes, and lips that can be easily used to apply powder, cream, and liquid makeup products. You can say no to patchy base and messy eye makeup looks with brushes that allow you to seamlessly apply and blend color products.</p>

<p>Let’s start with face makeup brushes.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Colorbar Face Makeup Brushes</h2>

<p>To get the base makeup of your dreams, face makeup brushes are a must. These brushes are ideal for blending foundations, concealers, blush, highlighter, and setting powders to perfection. Often wonder how makeup artists get that flawless and smooth finish for the base? It’s nothing. It’s just makeup brushes.</p>

<p>An important makeup brush that you should have to apply foundation well is a flat foundation brush. It is a soft brush with a tapered shape used for applying foundation for a flawless, natural, and smooth finish. Another trending makeup brush for applying foundation is a Kabuki Brush. A Kabuki brush has multiple uses. It not only allows you to blend your
foundations to leave behind a photo-perfect and airbrushed finish but also applies powder products, highlighters, bronzers, and blushes. The dome-shaped brush has soft bristles that enable better application of products. Another base makeup brush is the dense and soft fluffy blush brush which applies blushes smoothly on your cheeks. It has a curved shape that allows you to evenly apply the product. And then to get that sculpted and chiseled look, you have the s-shaped contouring makeup brush. The s shape helps you to contour your face precisely.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Colorbar Eye Makeup Brushes</h2>

<p>Eye makeup brushes are the best brushes to apply eyeshadows and blend them on the crease, eyelid, and upper and lower lashlines. The three most important brushes that you should have are blending, flat application, and smudger brushes. An eye makeup blending brush is used to blend transition shades. These brushes have to have densely packed soft bristles that can effortlessly blend out eyeshadows without leaving harsh edges. Shader brushes are flat and have a rounded shape on top that allows for accurate application of highlighting and shimmery shades on the eyelid. The smudger brush is the
ultimate brush for all those smokey looks. These are small and have a curved shape with thickly packed fibers. These are great for smudging kajals and eyeshadows along the lower and upper lash lines.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Colorbar Lip Makeup Brushes</h2>

<p>We are usually in the habit of directly applying lip colors to lips but using a lip liner pencil along with lipsticks can elevate your pout game. Lip makeup brushes have a slightly tapered shape to them. The flat surface evenly covers your lips with the lip color and the tapered shape is used to line the lips. This does such a great job in making your lip makeup stay.</p>

<p>Now we talk about bestselling brushes from Colorbar Cosmetics that you should have in your makeup brush set.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Bestselling brushes to keep in your makeup brush set</h2>

<p>If you are a beginner, this makeup brush guide will help you. Following are the bestselling makeup brushes from Colorbar Cosmetics that should be present in your makeup brush set.</p>

<p><strong>a. Keep Blushing Blush Brush - </strong>This super peppy brush with a white ferrule and pink bristles is used to apply blush. The
super-soft, non-porous fibers make this brush the most appropriate tool to blend your blush on the cheeks without soaking in excessive makeup. All you need to do is take up some blush product, get rid of the excess by tapping, and then gently sweep it on the cheeks outwards and upwards.</p>

<p><strong>b. Picture Perfect Foundation Brush -</strong> Hands-down, one of the best foundation blending brushes, the Picture Perfect Foundation Brush is made of non-porous fibers which are incredibly soft. This brush blends without soaking up extra product. All you need to do is take some foundation on the back of your hands and dip your brush into it to get a minimal amount. Now move the brush in a downward direction on the lower part of your face and a horizontal direction on the forehead.</p>

<p><strong>c. First Impressions Powder Brush:</strong> A dense, super-fluffy powder blush is used to set your foundation and concealer with setting powder. This brush also does not eat up your product, ensuring minimal wastage of the product. Dip your brush in the setting powder or compact powder. Once you tap off the excess, swirl it on the targeted areas.</p>

<p><strong>d. Eyealluring Eyeshadow Brush: </strong>This brush is a flat eyeshadow application brush that comes with a rounded tip. The tip
is great for applying highlighting/light/shimmery pigments precisely by giving you better control in the contours. Just take some of the product and apply it in soft strokes.</p>

<p><strong>e. Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush: </strong>This dome-shaped blending brush is dense which helps you to blend your eyeshadows
smoothly and seamlessly along the creases and outer corners. You can also use this brush as the last step to diffuse any harsh edges there may be on your eye makeup.</p>

<p><strong>f. Smokin’ Eyes Smudger brush: </strong>One of the most loved smudger brushes that is offered by Colorbar Cosmetics. This brush has a tiny tip that gives you enough control you need to smudge out eyeliner/kajal strokes or eyeshadows. This comes with soft fibers too which do not eat up the color or hurt your eyes. Just gently smudge out the strokes and there you smoke your way to their hearts.</p>

<p><strong>g. Pro Retractable Lip brush: </strong>This retractable lip brush is designed in such a way that it serves two functions. One, the flat shape allows you to apply the color evenly. Second, the fine tip helps you precisely line your lips. Its fibers are synthetic and non-porous that blend the color superbly and also do not cause wastage of product.</p>

<p>So what are you waiting for? Get hold of these makeup brushes ASAP!</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Buy Makeup Brushes Online from Colorbar Cosmetics</h2>

<p>Give a professional finish to your makeup looks with makeup brushes from Colorbar Cosmetics. Find every brush you need to pull off eye, face, and lip makeup. Buy makeup brushes online only at Colorbar Cosmetics and create an amazing makeup brush kit.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)</h2>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">Why buy makeup brushes from Colorbar Cosmetics?</h2>

<p>Colorbar Makeup Brushes have soft bristles that not only apply makeup products properly but are also gentle on the skin. Colorbar Makeup Brushes are easy to use and help you give a professional and flawless effect to your makeup looks. Apart from their incredible functionality, their attractive packaging makes using them a fun experience.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">How often should we clean makeup brushes?</h2>

<p>You should clean your makeup brushes once every week. Yes, you should clean them that frequently because dirty brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria that may cause harm to your skin. Dirty brushes can lead to acne and rashes on the skin. Therefore, it’s advisable to be regular with the brush cleaning activity.</p>

<h2 class="main-new-seo">What makeup brushes do you actually need?</h2>

<p>For starters, one should definitely invest in a good quality foundation brush to get the base right. Pick up powder brushes and blush brushes for setting the makeup and applying blushes respectively. For eye makeup, an eye shadow blending brush and a flat application brush will help you pull off an entire look.</p>