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Flower Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil

As low as INR 350.00
87% of 100
  • 9ml
  • Flower Shot Nail & Cuticle Oil

The healing powers of Green Tea and Ginseng combine with the sweet fragrance of Pink Helichrysum petals to give your nails the ultimate TLC. Enriched with antioxidants, our Iron Woman nail oil works tirelessly to smooth away thinning nail beds and reactivate growth in your nails.

No allergens. No cruelty. 100% Vegan.

Formulated in Poland.

  1. Delivers a blast of nourishment for thinning nail beds and slow-growing nails
  2. Contains Pink Helichrysum petals for a gentle and soothing fragrance
  3. Enriched with green tea extract, ginseng oil, and mastic gum oil to strengthen, moisturise, and energise your nail bed
  4. This formulation is 100% vegan and contains no harmful allergens and preservatives
  5. Dermatologically tested.

Shake well to activate this miracle potion. Apply onto the nail bed and surrounding areas. Massage gently until completely absorbed. Use before bedtime or whenever your nails need a little rejig. 


Nail oils moisturise your cuticles and prevent them from growing out of control – they are the absolute key to enhancing the life of your manicure!

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