Colorbar launches its “Be Who You Want to be” campaign, a celebration of the 6 eternal looks that express the power-packed, unforgettable moods of a woman.
The Colorbar Woman is the sum of all her moods, personas, avatars - call it what you like.
Choose your look, pick your shades, add some drama, and step out. The world is waiting for you!!
Your BFFs big day is really special for you. And the glow on your face will say that. This look brings in the Starry Flip Lip Color which puts all the secret admirers on a mission. The Flawless Touch Contour & Highlight will ensure that the nobody gets over that adorable face even when the party is over.
You mean business. And it’s your way or highway. Your gestures across the boardroom, and your expressions at a rooftop café; all speak the same language. The language of no compromise. When you set yourself up for a meeting or a conference with the magic of It’s a Scandal Kajal, your eyes make a statement that will shush the floor. And as you raise your fiery wonder-brows, the world burns at your feet.
When you walk, you leave a red carpet behind. And when Raise the Bar with our Perfect Selfie Primer Oil, you’re the selfie queen everyone wants to be. The sexy nude palette gives you a queen like sheen. And what does the Zoom n Whoosh mascara do? It lets you conquer the arena with a wink.
This look is outstandingly, enticingly, and truly you. The dream team of Spotlight illuminating lotion and Luminous Rose Boosting Oil with the extravagance of rose petals will spread the goddess glow on your face. And as you step into the day, the crowd will awe in admiration, the sun will shine brighter, and your steps will rewrite the rules of every glam book out there.
It’s the no filter you. This look is the nature’s magic wand. Experiment with ‘Oh! Tempt Me’ – a new shade of our matte, Kiss Proof Lipstick and get ready to slay. You’re the woman who knows her desire, and this curation celebrates the natural you.
You’re the life of the party. And this look says it out loud. Our Kiss proof Lipstick , ensures that you keep you going through the after-party. The array of these seductive shades sparkle till the time you dance. Put on this look, and let your hair down. Because, when the diva is in her full glory, the party ain’t stopping.

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