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As the dust starts settling on the pandemic way of living, Trend Talk – Fashion, beauty & lifestyle E-Magazine from the House of Colorbar takes a deep dive into all you need to resume your life as we draw closer to normalcy. From beauty, to delicious recipes to knowing what’s in store for you this season of love, Trend Talk has got you covered.

Trend Talk is a one-stop resource guide for beauty enthusiasts and those who always stay ahead with the latest trends. This magazine quenches the thirst for staying up-to-date through fun and engaging reads, quizzes and nuanced tips on acing your beauty routines.

We explore insights and trends from the world of beauty and go beyond to make not just your vanity kit better but also give you content curated for a happier lifestyle. Join us because before you walk the trend, it’s important to know the trend.

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Feb - Mar 2021
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Oct - Nov 2020

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